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Jason has a demonstration site which lets you experiment with wordcloud outputs using data from Twitter and wikipedia.Here’s an example for the Twitter search term jisccetis (clicking on a word starts a new search for that term).The visual interface was groundbreaking and stunning-I think half my team was hired on the strength of that demo. The backend was an extremely useful tool for munging RSS feeds.With any kind of support, or even benign neglect, the product would have been successful.Unfortunately, Google has deprecated the API and while it still worked the last time I used it, I would strongly recommend folks migrate their apps away from it as soon as possible. Of course, there are 2 major flavors of RSS, and multiple versions of both flavors, but if you're just parsing one known RSS feed then you can write to that particular flavor and version.(More about the different versions can be found on Wikipedia.) Unfortunately, if you try to simply XHR to a RSS feed you'll run into the lovely cross origin browser doohicky that prevents you from making requests to another server.

That might be localities, if you have a local or hyperlocal site; an area of business activity if you are creating a B2B news product; or other news sources if you are covering a topic nationally or internationally.Unfortunately, if none of those apply, you're out of luck trying to do it completely client-side. ) Let's pretend that none of the roadblocks apply to you and look at a simple example. You can literally run SQL like content against URLs and get formatted data out of it. I tested with two different RSS flavors and YQL had no issue handling either. I copied that into a new file: And it worked like a charm. And here is the result: A big thank you to Addy Osmani from Google for reminding me that YQL was still around.(As a quick note, none of my sample code will actually render anything. They provide a powerful testing console and wouldn't you know it, one of the examples is a RSS parser: Just in case that screenshot is a bit too small, here is what the YQL statement looks like: I've got one word for that. Google, I forgive you for killing the Feed API now.For a while now I've used the Google Feed API to parse RSS feeds in Java Script.It did a good job of converting various RSS flavors into a simple array of entries you could easily work with. So remember that RSS is just XML, and XML is just a string, and string parsing is easy, right?

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