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Model forms for VAWA available on HUD has created Microsoft Word files for the four model forms included in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) final rule that was published in the Federal Register on November 16, 2016. The forms are as follows: HOMELESS PREFERENCE: Resources for Multifamily Property Owners and Agents HUD Multifamily Housing is a key mainstream resource that can help local communities address homelessness.HUD has issued guidance on adopting a homeless admissions preference in multifamily properties that receive HUD project-based subsidies.An addendum is a way to amend or clarify a legal document.An addendum to a contract, for example, can define some of the terms in the contract or change a couple of the clauses. Alan Jennings, PRP, PRP No matter how good a job you’ve done creating your bylaws, sooner or later you’ll need to change something.Robert’s Rules encourages creating bylaws that can’t be too easily amended, but amending them isn’t so difficult that you can’t consider and make changes within a reasonable time when necessary.In amending a previously adopted bylaw, make sure that the rights of all members continue to be protected.The surest way to provide this protection is to prevent bylaws from being changed without first giving every member an opportunity to weigh in on a change.

The webinar Adopting a Multifamily Homeless Preference: An Overview for Property Owners and Agents (run time ) describes the benefits of adopting the preference, walks through the simple steps for property owners to adopt the preference, and provides answers to common questions about property owner flexibility and the option for owners to partner with local service providers to support families and individuals transitioning from homelessness.

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While we never take decisions like this lightly and recognize this is a change from the norm, when a plurality of the data points in a clear direction, we will take action.

Learn more about new special and add-on management fees now available for HUD assisted properties implementing a homeless preference.

Find homelessness assistance resources for Multifamily Housing owners and managers on HUD Exchange.

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