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As Bayne and the woman were about to fall asleep around 3 a.m., they began receiving Snapchats from a mutual friend's phone because the couple had blocked Klotz from contacting them on their cellphones, records said.

Bayne told police he replied to Klotz that he is a "dead-beat dad," records said.

Klotz, of Lowell, responded by telling them he was on his way to beat up Bayne, documents said.

Bayne told investigators he got dressed, grabbed his gun and went outside to wait for Klotz.

Away from the office, her hobbies include travel and reading. Bell works in our Lowell Office Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition to managing a wide variety of pediatric problems, Dr.

EEAS students and faculty conduct high-impact research in Environmental Geoscience and Atmospheric Sciences.

Our research includes global-scale and regional modeling, state-of-the-art laboratory analyses including trace metal and stable isotopes, and field research that engages our students and faculty in countries across the globe.

Climatology, Climate Variability, Forecasting and Modeling of Extreme Events (Droughts, Floods, Snow Squalls), Ensemble Modeling, Atmospheric Boundary Layer Structure, Mesoscale Wind Patterns, Synoptic-scale Circulations.

He began his pediatric practice in 1978 and joined Greater Lowell Pediatrics in 1988 where he is a Managing Partner. Dubner enjoys all aspects of family life with his wife and three children.

His hobbies and interests include woodworking, running, reading, travel, and following Boston’s world champion sports teams.

With a rich heritage dating back to the early 1800s, Lowell has been leading the way for more than 200 years.

Today, we are known for our excellent school system, vibrant arts scene and eclectic shopping district.

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