Hydrocarbon weathering color age dating

alkaline - Term pertaining to a highly basic, as opposed to acidic, substance.For example, hydroxide or carbonate of sodium or potassium.Here at the 2017 Philadelphia Science Carnival, visitors take part in a deep sea coral Build*Draw*Learn station. ECOGIG marine scientists from Temple University talk about the tools they use to collect information about deep water ecosystems.Here, a student drives a model ROV (remotely operated vehicle) at the 2017 Philadelphia Science Carnival. ECOGIG outreach staff and graduate students visited Trip Elementary in Grayson, GA to share the Ocean Discovery Zone with students and families at their 2017 family STEM night. And what better way to do that but in a fun and light-hearted atmosphere where people of all ages gather for a good time.Quaternary history of mammals and first appearance of man. Practical : 2h/W , 2h/W Crystallography: Definition and crystal parts, interfacial angles and their law, crystallographic elements, crystal symmetry, crystal habit and forms, crystal aggregates, crystal systems, holohedral and hemihedral forms, hemimorphism and enantiomorphism, axial ratios-crystal parameters and Miller indices, zone, zone axes and zone symbols and law. Mineralogy: Definitions – Physical and chemical properties of minerals – Chemical compositions – Origin of minerals – Classification of minerals – Minerals of the Earth's crust – Mineral associations in rocks and ore deposits - Description of crystal forms; genesis, field occurrences and uses of some important minerals.Laboratory investigation of hand specimens representing the major mineral groups., 2h/W Physical geology: Introduction to the study of the Earth Science and its branches – Theories on the origin of the Universe, the Solar System and the Earth – The atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the Earth's interior – The Earth's crust – Plate tectonic and the origin of mountains and oceans – Geologic processes shaping the Earth's surface: External processes; Weathering (physical and chemical), wind action and sand dunes, running water (rainfall, rivers and deltas), groundwater and its geologic action, waves and current actions in coastal areas, glacial erosion – Tectonic movements and the internal processes – Structures – Earthquake belts, intensity of earthquake – Volcanicity.Laboratory studies of topographic and geologic maps.

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All research data, findings and publications will be made publicly available.

The RECOVER team is ready to have a good time sharing their science about mahi-mahi and red fish at the Rock the Ocean’s Tortuga Music Festival on Ft Lauderdale Beach, FL.

The three-day music festival designates an area dubbed “Conservation Village” for attendees to learn about important marine issues and how they can help. The ECOGIG Ocean Discovery Zone provides activity stations that give information about the oil spill and healthy ocean ecosystems.

Practical : 2h/W, 1h/W Invertebrate macropaleontological course includes; Introduction, definitions, zoological nomenclature, how fossils are formed and preserved, explanation of geologic time, how fossils are used in paleoecology and evolution, collecting and preparing fossils, trace fossils, how to identify fossils.

Systematic study of invertebrate macrofossil Phyla: Porifera, Cnidaria, Bryozoa, Brachiopoda, Annelida, Mollusca, Echinodermata and Arthropoda.

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