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Beamed out of Berlin, welcome to the blog I've been calling "Post-Google" since 2005.Have you even tried the plugin on the newest version?

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Well, technically she was not his girlfriend because "she thought we were dating.

You know crack some quality gags, maybe ask some interesting questions if I wasn’t too distracted by angling for more wine, and then feel entitled to eat my weight in free finger food because I “helped”.

When the person organising the event said “no it’s just you speaking”, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why firstly anyone would attend an event with some random speaking; secondly why would someone attend something where I talk at you for half an hour…I mean if you’re out with me on a Friday night, you’ve probably already copped that; and thirdly the idea of being a “tall poppy” threw me.

I knew better, but she was way too hot to bother correcting." He convinced a friend to hide in the closet and film the act so as to record his prowess for posterity. The man in question, Tucker Max, has built a publishing empire out of such moments, cataloging them online and in books that have sold more than 2 million copies.

The plan went amok and the woman fled his apartment wrapped only in a fouled sheet. Max, who spawned the literary genre "fratire," boasts that he gets about five sexual offers a day via email, Facebook, and Twitter alone.

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