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Can you tell me please, where I should set this and what value this field should have. Net email is sponsored by: Check out the new Source Marketplace.

There is additional information in the system event log. An untrusted certificate authority was detected while processing the domain controller certificate used for authentication.but no matter if the file exists or not, no matter which path it is or which server, i always get the same error i get the error: "Error Encountered while BER decoding" my server is Centos 6.3(64bit), Apache/2.2.15 (Cent OS) , PHP Version 5.3.3, My SQLi 5.1.67 my code is: Thank you mkl, i edited the post, no metter what file it is or if it exist in the path i mentioned or not. i can't post the crt file because it has my server detils i it.i posted the code, maybe you can find something wrong with it?The problem now is, that the signature can't be validated. If I want to validate the signature, I get the following error: "Error during signature verification.

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