Dating english patent numbers

Between the initial filing or application and the final granting of the patent the filing number may be used to identify the patent.

So a number lower than 100,000 may be a patent issued before 1916 or a filing number issued from 1916.

Prior to 1852 patent numbers ran contiguously rather than per year and were the filing number.

There are several dates associated with a patent: Initial filing, often a provisional specification would be submitted at this time and a filing number would be allocated; Full Specification provided, generally 6 to 12 months following the initial filing; Patent Published, the serial number is issued (from 1916), generally 15 - 24 months from initial filing.

It also assured the person registering the design a degree of protection from copying.The protection was dependent on the type of material and the class in which the product was placed.The mark was created to identify the type of material used (known as the ), how many items were included, (sometimes known as bundles or packages, and the date of registration.To obtain more detailed information, contact one of the following offices or visit their websites: Both offices will research designs for a fee. Here are some notes to help date any piece that bears an English registry mark.A diamond-shaped registry mark was used between 18.

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